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We can use social presence on a CRM to find  affiliates for the digital products, networking opportunities needed for speaking, media connections for coverage, and coaching opportunities.

We use a social CRM to segment audiences by industry and influence level. This can be used to find high profile affiliates from within your own social networks, podcast guests, or media connections. These guests can also be added to an email segment offering them the opportunity to be affiliates for future lead magnets.
We use the social CRM list to determine where your audience needs better coverage i.e. we compare your list with your presence on your four networks via social advertising. So, if your list is heavily on Twitter, we begin the process of getting them to your LinkedIn as well.

We’ll create a page on the site to direct for media coverage. As your social presence grows media connections will quickly grow with it particularly on Twitter. The majority of journalists for media outlets are required to maintain a presence on Twitter.


Your client list can’t merely be a logo list on your site. We need to tell the story of what you’ve accomplished for these clients. We need PR presence about you working with these clients as well as how you served them. Consider this the next generation of case studies.
Social SEO is a driving factor in making the first page of Google yours. The keyword research used to optimize your site will be spread into your social presence as well. Your tweets when optimized have their own focus on Google Search.
An evaluation of current email marketing. We’ll want to evaluate the message currently being sent and make the shift from just nurturing to a segmented audience being lead from social and organic traffic into a funnel driving traffic to monetized content channels.

The way we can take advantage of the multi-feed algorithms on social is to make every post a traffic ad. At first glance, this can sound like an expensive strategy but when optimized into a short-term ad set, it can be highly effective and just as inexpensive as PPC advertising. This also means you’ll never be posting for or wasting time with the vanity metrics that are easy to get caught in with social advertising.


As a personal brand, speaking is a great opportunity for expanding your audience and giving them a closer bond. It’s important for potential meeting planners and booking representatives to be able to see you speak, how you present to an audience, and the energy you deliver on camera. There’s also an element of virality in hiring for keynote speakers. Showing that you already deliver an audience online lets a conference or event know that they can fill an audience with your name. Another great element of video content is that it reduces bounce rates on pages. Videos can be cut into small segments and re-used in a variety of evergreen ways.


Email marketing is a universe all your own. We work to break your audience down into their very specific personas and then create custom content for each list. The format of content consumed is different by income level. Copy changes tend to resonate by gender, time of day and even job title. These are all details that make a big difference in open rates and click-throughs, but are too time and labor intensive for most personal brands to do themselves.

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