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Previous content libraries are broken into topics. Each of those topics is updated as you release new written content. As soon as a topic has enough content to be packaged, it’s shared with an editor who formats it into a product. Then, we give you the final edit for authenticity.
Audio & video
Audio content can be transcribed and pitched to publications. Submitting this repackaged content to them opens you to a new audience and builds high-quality backlinks. It can also be made into products or used to get sponsors via podcasting.
The books or ebooks we create from the library we create for you are distributed on Amazon KDP to use as both a product, a funnel, and a marketing piece to use with Amazon KDP’s free giveaway and countdown programs. These two programs are built-in features of Amazon publishing to promote your Amazon author account to their lists of readers.
Medium is the fastest growing reading platform online. Exposure on Medium builds influence as fast, potentially even faster than on LinkedIn or having your own blog. It also has revenue potential as a Medium Partner. We can start you as a Medium partner after your first few articles go live. Medium also has its own publications. We can find you opportunities within Medium publications and / or start your brand’s own publication and accept guest blogs to take advantage of your high profile network.
If your Youtube presence is not monetized yet, we will correct that. You did need a minimum of hours viewed and followers to be monetized. If you are not at that threshold yet, we’ll use the distribution program to quickly get you there. Then, we will add your video content to Youtube, monetizing each video. We take strides to split test your title, add Twitter links, and be sure it’s Youtube SEO friendly.
Course creation is also a form of monetization that we’re very fluent in. eCourses are common means for making digital content in a digital product. We will work with you to determine if this best made and distributed on your site or in collaboration with an e-learning space like LinkedIn.
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