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Web Design
& Development
Google Webmaster
Tools Setup
Google has a suite of tools to increase your organic website traffic and to improve SEO. We keep these tools set up and maintained for you so that you always have a strong presence on all search engines.
Tracking Setup

Google Analytics is a powerful toolset. Having analytics added to your site help evaluate not only how buyers come to your site but what they do once they are on the site. Once we have this data we’re able to make changes on your site to optimize it for
more traffic and the actions you’d like buyers to make on your site.

Advanced Keyword Research
Keywords are how search engines, as well as social networks, show your content to audiences. Every keyword has to be researched to determine how high the competitiveness as well as how high the search volume is.
Ranking Analysis
& Keyword
Density Analysis
Medium is the fastest growing reading platform online. Exposure on Medium builds influence as fast, potentially even faster than on LinkedIn or having your own blog. It also has revenue potential as a Medium Partner. We can start you as a Medium partner after your first few articles go live. Medium also has its own publications. We can find you opportunities within Medium publications and / or start your brand’s own publication and accept guest blogs to take advantage of your high profile network.
The majority of users on websites are accessing via
mobile devices. The mobile friendliness of your site dictates the success of leads and sales to your site.
We assess the mobile version of your site on a
weekly basis and test for any changes that need to
be made in the user experience to make it the best it
can be for mobile users.
Social Signals
This determines the effectiveness of each
social network on driving traffic to your
website. Knowing this lets you know where
to invest more resources and where your
strategy for driving traffic needs to be
& Resolve
On-Site Errors
Design and Development
Title, Meta, HITags Analysis
These are some of the spotlights search engines look for in your sitemap to determine whom to show your content to. These must be kept up to date with the highest ranking keywords in order for your site to always rank well for search engines.
of Image Tags
There are three categories of SEO ranking: general search, image, and video. Your images must have a metatag with the best performing keywords in order for the images to rank as they should.
Internal Link Structure Analysis
This is testing to be sure that pages are linked as they should be for easier navigation and simple ways for search engines to understand the user path you intend a user to take.

My Business

Google My Business listings need to be created for your brand. This is Google’s primary focus in 2020. This is by far the strongest growth of organic traffic from SEO.
Business Directory Listings
Business Directory Listings help you grow
backlinks quickly. These include directories
for both Local Business Directory Submission
and Niche Business Directory Submission.
Lead magnets are the primary way of growing a targeted list and separating your audience by interest. You don’t have lead magnets built into your site that we were able to find. You have an actively engaged audience. This is the time to take advantage of getting them to a targeted platform. This can be done with MMS, push notifications, email marketing, and many other options. We’d like to experiment with the right data collection system for your audience. Then, use lead magnets within your writing to collect and segment audience data to tailor content for them. This increases open rates, traffic, and sales when you send the tailored content to the segment that is already interested in it.
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